Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate – 2012

“‘When you die – and I realise this as I hurtle through the air like a wounded bird – you should be thinking about love.’
Love has never had much of a place in the life of 16 year old Evening Spiker, but being the daughter of a billionaire genetic scientist has other perks. Like a private hospital where you can recover from near-fatal road accidents. And a hot surfer boy to push your wheelchair.
While Eve is healing, her mother sets her an irresistible challenge: to use a cutting-edge virtual reality system to design the perfect boy. It’s the chance of a lifetime. The chance to play god.
But she isn’t just playing. What eve doesn’t know is that her mother’s research is about more that saving lives… It’s about creating them.”

The book starts with Eve – out main character – going through the hysterics of a bad car accident. Hospitals, surgery, hot surfer guys holding her hand. When her mother takes her to a hospital ward in Spiker biopharm – A genetic science lab in San Francisco – she realises her injuries are healing faster than they should.

And with the hospital came boredom so instead of friends visiting she is given project 88715. The Adam Project. The task of building her perfect human being. But instead of using a simulation to make all her wildest imaginations come true, she soon realises she is making an actual human being.

This new look at the tale of Adam and Eve co written by ‘Gone’ series author Michael Grant and his wife is about more than just creation. Through out the book we get pasts rewritten for both main characters and a web if lies, deceit and even a hint of mutiny.

This book is written in dual/triple POV and to begin with I wasn’t quite sure if it worked but as I got into the book and was invested in the characters story lines I got an insight into other aspects of Spiker. The criminal side. The illegal genetics. The human testing.

When Eves best friend gets into trouble with her boyfriend the storyline really takes off. I didn’t expect fast paced action at all in this book. I certainly didn’t expect the action to escalate so much in just a few pages but once it had started, I couldn’t put the book down and what I was hoping was going to be a couple days of reading turned out to be just over 6 hours.

When Eve finally meets Adam in all his human glory I thought sparks would fly and they would immediately be an item and the way the story ended was a bit of a bummer, but looking back at the interactions between Eve and our other main character, Solo, certain aspects of their head to head relationship pops out and I see why the husband and wife writing duo took the book in that direction.

Everyone needs a bit of imperfect in their lives!

I love you guys and I’ll see you in my next one!

Stay crazy ❤



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